Grants Administration

About Us

Grants Administration is the designated office that City Departments contact for assistance in project planning, proposal guidance, and monitoring financial and budgetary compliance with City and grantor agency guidelines.

Grants Administration helps to identify, research, and coordinate grants and technical assistance opportunities for the City of Fernley, and also serves a review and oversight function in monitoring compliance by City Departments responsible for writing and managing grants.

The City of Fernley is committed to identifying funding sources, providing sound grant development and management practices, and facilitating partnerships with City Departments and funding agencies to fiscally support projects and services that improve the quality of life for Fernley residents.

Grants Administration Responsibilities

  • Assist city staff in locating funding sources.
  • Conduct special projects as assigned.
  • Coordinate cooperative grant applications with other agencies.
  • Coordinate the City's grant review process.
  • Monitor progress of most grant projects, or directly manage other projects.
  • Prepare formula grant applications.
  • Provide coordination for finding and managing grants.
  • Serve as a liaison and point of contact with funding agencies and congressional delegates.