Federal Grant Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations 

View the following resources, or for additional references, please refer to the code of federal regulations.

  • Title 22, Part 135 - Uniform administrative requirements for grants and cooperative agreements to state and local governments
  • Title two, Part 601 - Government-wide debarment and suspension (non-procurement) and government-wide requirements for drug-free workplace (grants)
  • Title 22, Part 145 - Grants and agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations
  • Public Law 106-107 Act - The Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act of 1999, also known as Public Law 106-107, was enacted on November 1999. The purposes of the act are to:
    • Facilitate greater coordination among those responsible for delivering services
    • Improve the delivery of services to the public
    • Improve the effectiveness and performance of federal financial assistance programs
    • Simplify federal financial assistance application and reporting requirements

Office of Management and Budget Circulars

  • Circular A-21 - Cost principles for educational institutions; Re-located to Title two, Part 220
  • Circular A-102 - Uniform administrative requirements for state and local governments
  • Circular A-110 - Uniform administrative Requirements for educational institutions, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations; Re-located to Title two, Part 215
  • Circular A-122 - Cost principles for non-profit organizations; Re-located to Title two, Part 230
  • Circular A-133 - Audits of states, local governments, and non-profit organizations

US Government Accountabliity Office Red Book

For grants issues, please view Volume 1, Chapter 4 - Availability of Appropriations, and Volume 2, Chapter 10 - Federal Assistance: Grants and Cooperative Agreements.

Grant Policy

For information on grant policy statements, please visit the Office of Management and Budget.