Community Assessment

2011 Report

During the week of January 24-27, we asked our residents to share their thoughts and opinions about community services and issues, through a community assessment and survey.

A community assessment can yield some interesting insights into our community. It can provide us with a better understanding of what our residents believe is important to their quality of life, how satisfied they are with City services, and where they want us to focus future resources and energies.

Information Complied

Residents participated by attending a one hour session to share their opinions on community challenges, strengths, and future projects and by completing an online survey. A trained resource team was in Fernley, January 25-27, to hear your suggestions and compile the data collected. The resource team will return in approximately eight weeks to then recommend resources and systems to help us achieve your priorities.

Watch the City calendar, our local paper, and city newsflashes, for the date and time of the Town Hall meeting, or contact Shannon Weltzin by email or by calling 775.784.9863 to receive notification of the meeting.

Looking Forward

It is our hope that the 2011 community assessment report will provide an excellent snapshot of Fernley. The assessment will also provide future direction for the City. Along with our other research and communication efforts, the reports from the assessment will provide a clear and constant community voice in our future planning efforts.

Upon completion, the community assessment final report will be available at City Hall and on the web. View the preliminary community assessment report (PDF).