Community & Economic Development

The Department of Community and Economic Development (CED) initiates and leads economic development, land use planning and regulation, and services related to all aspects of the development process, while working with neighborhoods to enhance the economic prosperity, vitality, and livability of the community for Fernley citizens.


CED has facilitated the City's efforts to support business development while enhancing the quality of life in the community. By working together, the Mayor, City Council, and staff have nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit and fostered successful public/private partnerships. The City has recruited businesses to diversify the employment base and streamlined review and permitting and reduced approval time in order to expedite quality developments.

Economic Development

In concert with the business community, Department staff actively promotes and develops economic activity in the City with the goal of strengthening Fernley's tax base and quality of life. The Economic Development Team acts as a business liaison using a common sense, customer service approach to resolving potential conflicts with City processes.

The Division is also responsible for implementing business recruitment and retention efforts, as well as coordinating the Grow Fernley Economic Gardening Campaign and Community Technology Business Support Center with Lyon County School District.

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