Peddlers and Solicitors

Solicitors License Required

The City of Fernley Municipal Code Title 3, Chapter 2 requires anyone who is selling, offering for sale or soliciting on the streets, sidewalks or alleys of the City, or by going from dwelling to dwelling unit by foot or by other means of transportation, obtain a Peddlers/Solicitors License. See this step by step guide for instructions on obtaining this type of license.

All solicitors must submit a Solicitor License Application (PDF) to the City Clerk and obtain fingerprints and a background check at a Nevada Department of Public Safety authorized fingerprint agency. Obtain a Fingerprint Request Form and Fingerprint Background Waiver from the City Clerk prior to obtaining fingerprints. Fingerprints will be submitted electronically through Livescan and may take 30 days or more to obtain the results.

FEES: The cost of a 30-day Solicitors License is $30. This fee will be collected by the City Clerk. All fees associated with fingerprint and background checks are the responsibility of the applicant and will be paid directly to the authorized fingerprint agency.

A business license does NOT authorize door to door solicitation or peddling under this Chapter. For additional information regarding Solicitors License, please contac the City Clerk's Office at (775) 784-9830 or visit us at 595 Silver Lace Blvd., Fernley, NV.

Solicitor License Application (PDF)