Got Solar?

If you are interested in seeing how solar can work for you and how the City of Fernley is solar friendly, please see below links. Below are selected key resources available to residential and commercial property owners that are considering an investment in solar energy.

Roadmap Updates

Fernley Landing Page

Community Leader Board

This detailed guidebook offers a high-level overview of key considerations for home and business owners that are interested in going solar. Please follow link to read more.

Consumer Guide (PDF)

This essential resource that provides an overview of the different options available for financing a solar energy system:

Financing Guide (PDF)

This indispensable site provides up to date information on the many clean energy incentives available within the County. This includes a 30% federal tax credit on the installed cost of a PV system, along with utility rebates and tax incentives available at the state level.

Current Incentives

Evaluate Solar Potential at your Property
PV Watts A great first stop for anyone interested in solar, this tool estimates the amount of electricity you can produce with a solar array at your home or business using an interactive map-based interface.

PV Value A more detailed tool for serious shoppers, this spreadsheet tool will help determine the value of a PV system installed on your property (from an appraisal standpoint.)


 Solar Permitting: 
The City has developed a standardized permit application (PDF) form for solar PV and hot water systems.

Zoning: Section 19.7.3 (PDF) of the City's Development Code reinforces Nevada state law which disallows unreasonable restrictions on solar energy systems, either by governing bodies or by private covenants such as those from HOAs.

Development: It is a stated goal (PDF) of the Fernley Development Code to achieve a pattern and distribution of land uses which encourages systems which use solar, wind and alternative non-carbon emission based energy production.

Please select one of the following links to see a basic overview on solar energy in the home and its benefits.

Solar Benefits

REAP NOSA for FY2015 Applications (PDF)

Final Rule (PDF)

Solar Calculator

Contact our Community and Economic Development Department for any questions: