Equal Payment Plan

Equal Payment Plan

The City of Fernley would like to remind our water and sewer customers about our efforts to provide paperless billing and electronic payment. We have a program to eliminate the mailing of paper bills and provide billings electronically via our vendor, Xpress Bill Pay. This program is entirely voluntary. If you want to continue to receive your bill in the mail, you do not need to do anything.

Please note: this service is only for utility payments, not for Court-related payments. Xpress Bill Pay is unable to process FMC Court payments and/or citations - please contact the court directly at 775-784-9870.

Under the Xpress Bill Pay program, not only the current billing but up to two years of past billings are available online at Xpress Bill Pay. You can choose to pay your bills online or merely to retrieve your bills online and pay through other means. If you have multiple accounts with us, you can also consolidate your accounts and pay in a single transaction if this is more convenient for you. You can also set up automatic payments each month if you choose. You have full control over the payments functions and can change or stop payments at any time.


Registering at Xpress Bill Pay is straightforward and easy. You just need a valid email address and the billing account number. If you sign up for this service, the enclosures, such as the consumer confidence report, that is normally mailed to you are sent to you via email as pdf files through Xpress Bill Pay. We encourage you to take advantage of this option. Please feel free to call 800-720-6847 if you need help.

When you are ready to stop receiving paper bills, just go online to Xpress Bill Pay and sign up. Again, this program is voluntary. We appreciate the opportunity to provide options that may reduce costs and improve our service to you. We also offer an Equal Payment Plan. If you are interested in this plan, please call us at 775-784-9930 for further information.

Direct Pay 

The Direct Payment Plan makes paying your bill simple and convenient at no additional charge. The Direct Payment Plan is a program that allows you to pay your City of Fernley water and sewer bill with an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. To get a form please email us.

Equal Payment Plan 

Take control of your finances with Equal Payment. The Equal Payment Plan (EPP) takes the guesswork out of budgeting as it calculates your monthly payment using your average water usage for the current year. This way, you will know in advance what your bill will be each month.


  •  Customers pay the same amount every month
  •  No more high bills during the summer months
  •  It’s free to participate, but customers should continue to keep an eye on usage and conserve when possible


  •  This payment option is available exclusively to residential customers.
  •  This payment option is available to customers who have received the City’s water service for twelve consecutive months at the same service address.
  •  This payment option is available to customers with satisfactory credit and is not available to those customers who have missed payments or have been shut off in the last twelve months (an account not in good standing)
    •  See the City’s EPP policy

What do the bills show?

  •  Actual meter readings for the month
  •  Actual charges for the amount of water services used
    •  The Equal Payment amount due

Is Equal Payment for you? 

You will have equal payment amounts each month and you will be able to compare the cost of your actual usage. If you would like to sign up for Equal Payment Plan please call and request a form at 775-784-9930 or via email. If you find the plan is not for you, you can stop at any time by writing or calling a City representative at 775-784-9930.


The Equal Payment Plan is not currently available for Commercial and Construction Accounts. These accounts are less predictable and some accounts do not experience significant seasonal fluctuations. If you are interested in EPP for these accounts, please contact Dave Whalen, at 775.784.9929 to discuss your desire for this plan to potentially be expanded to these types of accounts.