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Animal Control

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1. How many dogs can I have?
2. Do I need to license my dog?
3. How much are the license fees?
4. Does Animal Control pick up domestic or feral cats?
5. What should I do if my pet or someone is bitten by an animal?
6. What should I do if I find a dead animal on my property or on the road?
7. What should I do if I have found a stray animal?

General Home Page

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1. Why do we need the water treatment plant?
2. Will there be any arsenic dust that will migrate to adjacent property owners?
3. Will there be any groundwater contamination from the solids drying basins?
4. Will there be a production well at the water treatment plant?
5. Will the water treatment plant be used for vehicle and / or equipment storage?
6. The surrounding zoning is rural residential two acre, can a water treatment plant be included within this zoning?
7. What is the truck traffic impact to the neighborhood?
8. Are the chemicals used in the water treatment plant process highly hazardous?
9. Is there going to be chlorine stored on-site?
10. Will site lighting from the water treatment plant be a problem to the surrounding neighborhood?
11. Does the water treatment plant conform to the City of Fernley development code Section 44.020 for minimum road widths for non-residential use?
12. Where can we get more information about the water treatment plant?


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1. What kinds of grants are available to individuals?
2. What kind of grants are available to homeowners?
3. Are there any grants available to me for my small business?
4. What kinds of loans are available to help me start my business?
5. Do I need to be a nonprofit (501(c)3) organization to apply for a grant?
6. Can you help me write a grant?
7. When do I apply for a grant?
8. How do I find grants and apply for them?

Human Resources

Municipal Court

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1. How do I clear up a warrant before I am arrested?
2. Can I pay my ticket before coming to court?
3. Can I obtain an extension for my first court appearance?
4. Can I pay my fine in installment payments?
5. Can I speak to the judge before my court date?
6. What is an arraignment?
7. What if I receive a citation for no proof of insurance?
8. What do I wear to court?
9. How do I pay my fine?
10. Who can I call to get information about my case or make payment arrangements?
11. Can I get a marriage license from the Fernley Municipal Court?
12. What do I do after I receive a citation?
13. When is court held?
14. Where is the Fernley Municipal Court?

Parks & Recreation

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1. Where are the parks located in the City of Fernley?
2. How do I reserve a picnic area or park?
3. Does my event need a special event permit?

Sewer Service

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1. Is my lot on sewer or septic?

Streets & Storm Drains

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1. What are some winter driving tips I can follow?
2. Who is responsible for the storm drain easement on my property?
3. How soon can I drive on my street after it has been sealed after a City project?
4. Why does the city do crackfilling? Isn’t it a waste of money?
5. My street has not been swept in a long time. Don’t my taxes pay for the sweeper?

Water / Sewer Billing

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1. Can I pay my bill online?
2. Is there a deposit and how much will it be?
3. Can I set up a new service or transfer a service online?
4. Why is my water bill so high?
5. Why do I have to fix leaks on my property? Isn't this the City's responsibility?
6. What is an E-One Unit?
7. Who do I contact to set up my other utilities?

Water Service

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1. Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
2. What can be done to increase my water pressure?
3. I have a water leak at the front of my house at the meter. Who has to pay for the water?