Farm District Road Lift Station

In FY20/21 RDC completed Ph 1 of the emergency repairs to the Farm District Lift station. Ph 2 of the Farm district lift station is now to repair the sewer lines and manhole in the vicinity of the Farm District lift station. During the phase 2 of this project we included that the grit chamber also be repaired and replaced.

The grit removal chamber at the East Lift station was originally constructed in 2007. The grit chamber is one of two pieces of equipment used to remove large debris from the wastewater stream before it enters the treatment plant. The other component is a bar screen with a chain and rake system that removes large material, rags, and debris. The grit chamber is a chain and bucket type removal system. This mean that it uses stainless steel buckets along a chain system to scrape the grit from the bottom of the concrete chamber and drop it in a bin for removal. The chain and sprocket components have broken on the existing system and will need to be removed and replaced.

Farm District Road Lift Station Ph 2 Rehab - Bid Plans