FY22/23 Pavement Maintenance Program

Slurry and Seal
Slurry and Seal1
City of Fernley

Engineer Services and Design Services:
Lumos and Associates, Inc.

Construction Contractor:
Sierra Nevada Construction


The intent of the City’s annual PMP Maintenance Project is to complete appropriate maintenance treatments for streets that have been selected by Staff, using key parameters of the City of Fernley Pavement Management Program, Resolution #2015-008, adopted by City Council September 16, 2015. The Pavement Management Program (PMP) provides Staff with direction necessary to evaluate and prioritize pavement preservation projects while providing clarification to stakeholders regarding the project selection process. The annual slurry project associated with the City’s Pavement Management Program was implemented in Spring 2016. To date, five annual slurry projects have been completed since the Program’s inception in FY 15/16. This has allowed the City to complete preventative maintenance treatments on approximately 40% of the City’s total paved Street Network.

Project Description:

The proposed Contract for Construction (Contract) will complete preventative maintenance treatments for local streets within: Fernley Hills 1, Sage Ranch EST Unit 1, Sage Valley EST 1-4, Equestrian EST 1, Farm View EST, Farm LN EST, Mountain View EST and Rolling Meadows Phase 4 subdivisions, Sage ST and Sage Dr. Minor drainage improvements within the project area will be included in the Project. These drainage improvements include upsizing culverts that cross under intersections in the Sage Ranch neighborhood. Many of the streets within the FY 22/23 Project area have not been previously slurried. Streets included in the FY 22/23 Project area are shown per the attached, Base Bid Sheet Index and Vicinity Map, (Sheet C1.1) and Options 1-3 Slurry Sheet Index and Vicinity Map, (Sheet C1.1).

The Contract for Construction will also include the following improvements and repairs:

- Additional Striping Work, shown per attached, Option 5 Striping Only Sheet Index and Vicinity Map, (Sheet C1.3

- Additional Crack Seal Work; the City’s FY 18/19 PMP Project area, depicted per attached, Option 4 Crack Seal Only Vicinity Map, (Sheet C1.2)

Project Latest News

Construction was awarded to Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (SNC), at the May 5th, 2023 Fernley City Council Meeting. Work is anticipated to commence in May 2022. Residents affected by street closures will receive a notice 24-48 hours prior to start of work, via door hangers distributed by the Contractor. It is possible that a resident or business may receive more than one notice, depending on the type of maintenance treatment required for each individual street and the Contractor’s construction schedule.

Short traffic delays may occur during construction operations. Access will be maintained to your property for the duration of this project; however, temporary driveway closures up to four (4) hours or more may occur during certain activities (for example, during slurry seal cure time). SNC will notify you 18-24 hours in advance of these temporary driveway closures.

Project Flyer

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