Public Works 


The Public Works and General Services Department includes the following ten divisions:

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Waste Water
  • Streets and Storm Drains
  • General Services (includes four departments below) 
    • Vector Control
    • Facilities
    • Cemetery
    • Parks
  • Fleet
  • Utility Billing

The Department is responsible for operation, maintenance and improvement of all publicly owned infrastructure, including but not limited to:

  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Streets and Sidewalks, excluding State Right-of-Way
  • Street Lights, Traffic Signals, and Signage
  • Storm Drain Infrastructure
  • Water Conveyance System
  • Water Tanks, Pump Stations and Wells
  • Treated Water Distribution System
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Waste Water Collection Piping and Lift Stations
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Engineering Department provides the following services to the community:

  • Civil Improvement Plan Review
  • Grading Permits
  • Encroachment Permits (PDF)
  • Public Improvement Inspection and Acceptance
  • City Engineering Services
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Water Rights Dedications

Public Works is committed to provide for the management and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure.

Public Works Design Standards 

April 28, 2022, the Public Works Department released the latest revision to our design standards. They may also be purchased from the City for $40.

Current Public Works Bids

2016 Water Rate Study

2021 Utility Rate Study