The City of Fernley is responsible for:

  • Groundwater production; operation, maintenance and repairs of six municipal drinking water wells and one construction water well, booster station, raw water (non-potable) storage tank and supporting infrastructure for supply to the water treatment plant
  • Groundwater (arsenic removal) treatment facility; operation, maintenance and repairs to provide ample volumes of regulatory safe drinking water to the public water distribution system. Plant processes: coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, microfiltration and chlorine disinfection through sodium hypochlorite solution (no fluoride or softening processes)
  • Drinking water distribution system; operations, maintenance and repairs of infrastructure piping and associated pressure control stations, booster pumps, potable water storage tanks, customer taps and service support
  • Federal and State legislative water issues and engineering support
  • City emergency response assistance as required

Water Quality

The City of Fernley performs water quality testing and monitoring in conformance with established federal and state health and safety standards.

Feel free to visit the following USEPA and NDEP/BSDW links:

US Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water Act

USEPA Ground Water & Drinking Water, including “Kid’s Stuff”

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection/Bureau of Safe Drinking Water

Compliance Monitoring

The City of Fernley’s Drinking Water is produced from Groundwater wells. The City of Fernley does not currently utilize “surface water” or “reclaimed water” for public drinking water use. The USEPA and NDEP regulate and enforce strict guidelines for monitoring the drinking water quality. State Certified Water Systems Operators ensure compliance to those monitoring standards.

Consumer Confidence Reports

Annual water quality Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR’s) are prepared and made available to all of our customers. Reports are prepared annually and mailed to customers. CCR’s are not only an overview of the previous year’s drinking water quality data and useful information for consumers, but also information for you, directed from the USEPA.

The most current CCR can be found on the City’s Website:

Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)

Water Resource Plan

This Water Resource Plan (WRP) is intended to provide the City of Fernley (City) a document to guide future decisions related to the City’s water supply, transmission and distribution system, and its ability to meet customer water demands into the future. This Plan provides the City the framework for maintaining a high level of service for its water customers.

Water Resource Plan

USBR Water Conservation Plan

The City of Fernley seeks to be a conscious and efficient water user in the arid west.  As such, the city has water conservation programs and plans in place.  A Water Conservation Plan (WCP) DRAFT was prepared in accordance with section 210 of the Reclamation Reform Act (RRA), per the United Stated Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) 2020 Standard Criteria for Evaluating Water Management Plans.  In 2009, the city entered into an agreement with the USBR, which established the procedures the city will follow before using the Truckee Canal to deliver its Claim 3 municipal water. Pursuant to that agreement, Fernley was required to submit a water conservation plan to the USBR for approval.  Public comments about this plan are encouraged. The WCP can be found on the city website at: USBR WCP 

Written comments may be sent to the following:

City of Fernley

Public Works Department- WCP Input

595 Silver Lace Blvd.

Fernley, Nevada 89408

State of Nevada Water Conservation Plan

The Water Conservation Plan (WCP) describes the City of Fernley (City) water system capacities and conservation programs currently in effect in the service area. It also identifies potential conservation measures and incentives as well as future conservation goals. The water utility will monitor water use to determine if existing conservation programs should be modified or discontinued or if new programs should be added to make the plan more efficient. This plan is a living document and will be revised as necessary to meet system requirements. These requirements may include increases or decreases in demand, the addition or subtraction of programs, and changes in technology. The plan will be reviewed every five years to satisfy the requirements of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 540.131 (4) (c)) that the information it contains is current and correct. It will be an integrated part of the utility's water master plan, and updates will be made according to changes in planning made within the system. This plan is mandated by NRS 540.131 and is compliant with NRS 540.121 through 540.151, and is available for public inspection at the link below:

Water Conservation Plan