Maps and Park Locations

The City of Fernley currently maintains 10 parks listed below. The City has two dog parks, one at the Out of Town Park and one at the Green Valley Park.

  • Out of Town Park is located on Farm District Road and Highway 50A. Approximately 50 acres total with 16.5 acres of turf. Soccer fields, bandstand and picnic area, softball, tee-ball, little league and babe ruth fields, 5 restrooms with two build in concession stands, rodeo arena, 1 large and 1 small play structure with swings, medium size bandstand with concrete dance area, small gazebo, horseshoe pits, dirt parking, arena lights. The dog park is located on the southeast corner of the soccer fields.
  • In-Town Park is located at Cedar Street and Highway 95A in downtown Fernley. Softball and open grass area, approximately 2 acres of turf, 1 multi-purpose restroom with separate concession building, playground equipment, tennis and basketball court, small skate park, large trees, and large gazebo.
  • Green Valley Park is located at Green Valley Drive and Ricci Lane in the Green Valley Subdivision. Approximately 6 acres of turf, 2 play structures with swings, 1 restroom building, small gazebo, medium to large trees, parking area and concrete walkway. The dog park is located at the north end of Green Valley Park.
  • Autumn Winds Park is located at 3080 Farm District Road in the Autumn Winds (Truckee River Ranch) Subdivision. 4.5 acres of turf, 1 restroom building, parking area, walking path, basketball court, 1 play structure and swing set, small trees, and a medium size gazebo.
  • Eagle's Nest Park is located at 261 Wildwood Drive at the intersection of Eaglewood Drive in the Eagle's Nest Subdivision. 1/8th acre of turf, 1 swing set, tables, barbeques, and small to medium size trees.
  • Memorial Park is located at Smithridge Court and Richards Way. 1/2 acre of turf, park approximately 15 acres total mostly native plants and open dirt, 1 medium and 1 small riding arena, 1 play structure and swing set, exercise equipment, dirt ball field, medium size trees with irrigation on well system.
  • Millennium Park is located across from City Hall at 605 Silverlace Boulevard. 1/4th acre turf, flower beds, walking path, parking area and lighting.
  • Ponderosa park is located at Farm District Road and Edgewood in the Ponderosa Subdivision. Approximately 2 acres, medium size gazebo, small play structure, horseshoe pit, medium size trees, and a concrete walkway.
  • River Ranch Park is located at 525 River Ranch Road in the River Ranch Subdivision. 1/2 acre of turf, small to medium size trees in DG border, small gazebo and swing set.
  • Picetti Park is on the southeast corner of Bridle Path Way and Waegle Way. The park is 1/4th acre in size, medium size gazebo, small play structure, horseshoe pit, medium size trees, concrete walkway.