Strategic Planning

Forward Thinking

The City of Fernley faces challenging times with growing resource constraints, changing public demands, and increasing government complexity. In the past, the City has met these challenges, always striving to develop a reputation for effective municipal management by providing resident services that align with sound financial management. Now, the Fernley City Council and management are responding to the growing challenges with the City of Fernley’s strategic plan, and the continued managing for results approach.

Managing for results is an approach to keep the City focused on its mission and goals, and to integrate performance information into decision-making, management, and reporting. This process requires a series of actions:

  • Keeping goals in mind when allocating resources
  • Managing government to achieve the desired goals
  • Measuring performance
  • Reporting results to the public
  • Setting clear long- and short-term goals

Strategic Plan

The City of Fernley’s strategic plan is a blueprint to drive decision-making and produce actions, which determine what kind of an organization the City is and wants to be, what it is that the City does and should be doing, and why the City does it. This tool will assist us in serving our citizens efficiently and effectively and will provide visible results that enhance the vitality and quality of life in Fernley.

By using the findings of the City of Fernley strategic plan, the City Manager and the Finance Department will develop guidelines for the managing for results approach that integrates existing management systems with improved information on program performance.

Reaching Success

We believe that managing for results does not require new bureaucracy, instead it asks us to think and act more strategically, keeping in mind City goals, and the desired results of our residents. Success requires commitment and time, but offers improved service quality and public trust in City government.