Code Enforcement

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Due to staff shortages, please expect delays in the processing and handling of code enforcement complaints.

Complaints will be handled and triaged based on level of life and safety hazard.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Code Compliance works closely with other City departments in order to resolve health, safety, and public nuisance issues that may adversely affect the welfare and quality of life for the residents within the City boundaries. Code Enforcement officers provide for the safety, health and welfare of citizens living and working in neighborhoods throughout the City of Fernley through Enforcement of building, zoning, housing, environmental, nuisance and other codes and ordinances. 

These top questions and answers FAQ’s are provided to help assist in becoming a responsible property owner and prevent unsafe or offensive uses of property, while promoting and maintaining the quality of life in our wonderful community. 

Report a Code Compliance Complaint

To report a code enforcement compliant or graffiti vandalism, use the online Code Compliance Complaint Form. Not sure if an issue is a code violation, please visit the City's Municipal Code. Please contact the Building Department for more information or questions at 775-984-9900. 

NOTE: We CANNOT accept anonymous complaints. You MUST include contact information on your submission.


Graffiti consists of inscriptions, slogans, and drawings scratched, scribbled, or painted on a wall, or other public or private surface. Graffiti is not art, it is vandalism. It is prohibited when done without permission of the property owner.

In 2006, the City of Fernley adopted ordinance addressing penalties for persons convicted of graffiti vandalism, as well as requiring property owners keep all walls, buildings, fences, signs, and other structures and surfaces visible from the public right of way free of graffiti.


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What is Code Enforcement?