Shelter Location

Shelter Location

The shelter is located at 3705 HWY 50 West, Silver Springs, Nevada 89429 and can be reached at 775-577-5005. Lyon County Animal Services is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 4pm. 

Impounded Pet Reclaim Process

Please contact the shelter and request for a pick up appointment. Stray dogs are held for a period of 5 days and dogs with identification or known ownership are held for a period of 7 days to allow for the owners to reclaim their pets. It is your responsibility to reclaim your lost pet and to contact either Fernley Animal Control or the Lyon County Shelter to inquire about found pets. Animal services staff members do their very best to reunite wayward pets with their families. 

Adoption Information

Dogs are available for adoption daily at the Lyon County Shelter. If you are interested to see available dogs, please check out our Petfinder link and check out the bios for each available and adoptable dog. Please contact the Lyon County Shelter directly at 775-577-5005 to inquire about a specific dog or to set up an appointment to view available dogs. 

Each dog adopted from the Lyon County Shelter is altered (spayed or neutered), vaccinated, and microchipped, all included in the adoption fee. Shelter staff are diligent in ensuring that each dog goes to the proper home and are upfront about the dog's temperament, known concerns, and likes/dislikes. Adoption impacts two lives; rescuing the shelter dog and providing a space for a new dog to come in. Please consider adopting locally if you are looking for a new pet!