Dog Licensing

License Requirements 

City of Fernley ordinance requires that all dogs over the age of six months be licensed as a rabies control measure.

Dog by Tractor

Making sure your dog has its current license attached to its collar also is your best insurance of having your dog returned to you in case he or she becomes lost or gets out of your yard. The dog license also lets us know if your pet is currently vaccinated against rabies. The money received from dog license fees helps the department continue to provide quality animal control services.

Good Reasons to License Your Pet

  • A license tells everyone that your pet is not a stray.
  • It means Animal Control will notify you if your pet comes to the Shelter wearing a license.
  • It enables the City to protect neighborhoods from dangerous dogs and investigate dog bites.

Pet Licensing Fees

The fees for dog licenses and tags, are as follows:

  • Intact-$25
  • Neutered / Spayed - $5
  • Duplicate tags - $1

All fees are annual fees for the period of one year from the date of issuance of the license or tag. Forms are available at the front counter at City Hall or you may download one online (PDF).

To renew your animal license, complete the online form (PDF) and mail it, with a current rabies certificate and payment to City Hall.

For More Information

Please call 775.784.9801 for more information on pet licensing.