Lost Pets

Lost and Found Information 

If pets are found by animal control officers, tag numbers or microchip numbers are immediately checked in our computer to reunite lost pets with their owners. Pets can't tell authorities where they live - and tags serve as your pet's free phone call home. This is the most important thing you can do for your pet. To report a lost or found pet contact Animal Control at 775.784.9803 or the Lyon County Shelter at 775.577.5005.

  • Begin your search as soon as the pet is missing.
  • Pets may not be held the entire holding period if injured.
  • Most shelters only hold animals five to six days!
  • Call and visit all area shelters.
  • Leave your name and number with a description of pet on display board or in lost / found book.
  • Do not rely upon the shelter calling if the pet has no identification or microchip. It is the responsibility of the owner to visit each shelter in the area and look for their pet and check lost / found directories.
  • Talk with the letter carrier and meter reader. Talk with parents of children, asking for assistance, and offer a reward.

If You Find a Pet

Call the area shelters with a description of the animal and tag information. Take the animal to the nearest veterinarian or animal control to have it scanned for a microchip. If that is not possible, call Animal Control to come to your residence and scan for a chip.

If the finder elects to keep the animal at their residence, call the area shelters and leave a description. Owners should check display board and lost / found books at shelters. Place and frequently check lost / found ads in newspapers and talk to the letter carrier.

To Avoid Animal Bites

Never force a strange animal into a vehicle or enclosed area. Do not handle an injured or sick animal! Call Animal Control. Report all bites to Animal Control at 775.784.9801.