Department Responsibilities


Fernley Animal Control has a big job - to assure that pets and people live together in safety and harmony - and that all pets receive proper care and housing. Animal Control staff are in action every day, handling many routine as well as emergency situations with pets and wild animals.

One of the most important things that animal control officers do is to investigate animal bites. Rabies is transmitted by wild and domestic animal bites and is usually fatal. Officers place animals that have bitten people under observation and make sure the threat of rabies is reduced.

Animal Ordinances

Animal Control enforces city, county and state ordinances. They investigate nuisance situations and assure humane treatment of animals. Officers Patrol the streets for the purpose of enforcing animal control laws. Impound stray, injured, abandoned, trapped and diseased animals

Respond to complaints pertaining to animals and provide animal registration (with current rabies certificate).

Animal Control staff can visit your school or group for an informational presentation on responsible pet care and the responsibilities of their job.