City of Fernley Comprehensive Master Plan

In August of 2018, the City Council adopted an update to the City of Fernley Comprehensive Master Plan. The purpose of the City’s Master Plan is to guide decision making regarding the physical development of the City. The Master Plan identifies current issues and needs in the community based on research, analysis, and public input, and sets forth goals, policies, and action strategies to address these issues.

The Comprehensive Master Plan fosters the City’s Mission, promoting future prosperity and the balanced growth of the community, promoting economic development, and improving the quality of life enjoyed by the community’s residents. There are several community principles, which form the foundation of this Comprehensive Master Plan:

  • Promote economic development and planned redevelopment opportunities
  • Coordinate growth and the provision of services in a sustainable manner
  • Protect limited water resources
  • Ensure compatibility
  • Nurture the unique character of Fernley
  • Establish a non-motorized trail system to connect the city with the surrounding public lands
  • Provide a better balance of housing types to encourage multi-generational living
  • Improve employment and education opportunities; avoid continuing the  “bedroom community” label
  • Provide more commercial services and amenities within Fernley

Given steady growth numbers of the City of Fernley’s population the past 18 years, current growth patterns of the region, and future employment and economic development opportunities ahead, it is reasonable to project Fernley’s population will double to approximately 40,000+ people over the next 20 years. To support future industrial and manufacturing development, that could potentially begin to offer higher-pay and higher-skill employment opportunities within the community, the City of Fernley will have to consider a variety of land use, community development, and economic development strategies designed to diversify its current housing stock and economic profile with additional professional and commercial office space and additional retail space.  The incorporation of non-single-family detached residential owner-occupied housing options, with additional multi-family and renter-occupied housing options sited in appropriate areas within the community, will be critical in securing future private investment in the development of new smaller and mid-sized manufacturing space.  The diversification of the community’s existing housing stock, coupled with improvements in the types of employment opportunities and retail and recreational opportunities offered, will be necessary to support the community’s continued prosperity and smart growth.


Comprehensive Master Plan

Master Plan Land Use Map