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Renewable Energy Sources

The City of Fernley has developed a standardized permit application form for Solar PV & Water Heaters systems. The City's development code, section 32.19.17 Energy, reinforces Nevada state law which disallows unreasonable restrictions on solar energy systems, either by governing bodies or by private covenants such as those from HOAs.

Housing Resources

Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) works with a consortium of public and private partners, including state and federal housing agencies and local community service groups. NRHA administers affordable housing programs across the state enhancing the quality of life throughout rural Nevada.

The NRHA main office is located in Carson City and area representatives are located throughout Nevada's 15 rural counties including Lyon County. Visit www.nvruralorg for more information.

Nevada Rural Housing Authority

3695 Desatoya Drive

Carson City, Nevada 89701

(775) 887-1795