Payment of Fines and Fees

All court fines and fees are due on or before your scheduled court date. If you are unable to pay on your court date, request a payment plan. All payment plans are subject to a one-time payment plan fee of $25.00.

The courts minimum monthly payment amounts:

$0.00 - $200.00                  $50.00 per month

$201.00-$400.00                $75.00 per month

$401.00 and above             $100.00 per month

If at any time, you are unable to afford to make your payments, with the exception of restitution (monies owed to someone else). You may request to do community service work. Community Service Work is paid at $10.00 per hour worked. All work must be completed for a non-profit organization 501(3)(c).  Some examples are local food banks, churches, animal shelters, senior centers. All hours shall be tracked using the Community Service Tracking Sheet.

You may also contact the court to have your payment agreement modified. To complete this process you must complete a  Payment Modification Agreement and submit to the court for approval and processing.

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