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Online Permit Center Online Permit Center

The online permitting process in the City of Fernley is a simple procedure for various types of building permits including Over the Counter (OTC), Fast Track, and small building Permits.   

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Online permitting offers the following benefits:   

  • allows you to process a permit at your convenience - including weekends and holidays
  • credit card transactions are PCI-compliant for highest security of your information
  • no waiting in line at city offices
  • print your own documents
  • check the status of a permit and inspection.

Review the below instructions to guide you through the process. 

  • Complete Permit Application. 
  • For permits applied for by property owner, please complete the owner builder forms. 
  • For permits applied for by a licensed contractor, you must have a City of Fernley Business License.
  • New permits must adhere to current International Residential Code. 
  • To apply for a City of Fernley Business License Inspection please go to the Over the Counter Permits. 
  • The following simple, flat-fee, residential permits are currently available for processing online:

Over the Counter Permit (Plans not required)

These types of minor residential permits do not need plans and can be processed over the counter at One Stop Shop.  Examples of permits that do not need plans include: Window replacements, residential electrical service upgrade, reroofs, water or gas line repair/ replacement and residential water heater, furnace and/or air conditioner replacements. 

Small Permits - Plans Required (Fast Track)

These types of minor residential permits require plans and can be processed.  Examples include: Minor Kitchen Remodel, Minor Bath Remodel, decks, sheds, fences.   

 Using the Citizen Portal Instruction:

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