Does Animal Control pick up domestic or feral cats?
No. If you have a domestic cat or kitten that you can no longer care for or do not want, the Nevada Humane Society is the only local cat assisting agency at this time. Fernley Animal Control does not pick up cats but we can provide you with a live trap to capture a feral cat in your yard so you can take it to the Nevada Humane Society or other rescue group.

Feral cats are simply abandoned offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of people failing to spay or neuter their cats, or people abandoning their cats. These cats survive as best they can - near restaurants, shopping areas, ranches, and other rural areas. Feral cats often live in loose groups or colonies and usually go out of their way to avoid human contact.

Feral cats are almost impossible to socialize. Like other wild animals, they should not be handled without following instructions from feral cat rescue groups or shelters.

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